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Service Fees
Effective August 1, 2013

Share Draft Account Fees
Non-sufficient funds (NSF) per item returned or not per item – 28.00
Stop Payment per item – 15.00
Closed account fee – 5.00
Photo copy of share draft – per item – 3.00
Returned Check (for each check cashed or deposited to your account that is returned unpaid) – 28.00
Share draft account transaction history print out – 3.00
Share draft printing fees – prices vary depending upon style

Automated Clearing House Fees
Non-sufficient funds (NSF) per item returned or not – 28.00

Other Service Fees – applicable to all accounts
Account reconciliation fee – 15.00 per hour
Account research fee – 15.00 per hour
Statement copy fee – 3.00 per copy
Deposited item return fee – 15.00 per item
Wire transfer (incoming) fee – 5.00
Wire transfer (outgoing) fee – 12.50
International outgoing wire fee – 30.00
Cashier check fee – 2.00
Money order fee – 1.00 each
Travelers checks fee – .50 per $100.00
Stop payment check fee – 35.00 per item
Look up account number fee – 1.00 per time
Return mail/Dormant account fee ( each month mail is returned) – 5.00 each month
Fax fees (send and receive) – 3.00 first page 1.00 each additional page
Account transaction history printout – 3.00

Dormant Account Policy
Definition and Fees for Dormant Accounts

Accounts with balances of under $5.00 share par value. After one year of inactivity, a fee equal to the account balance will be charged against the account and the account will be closed. An account whose mail was returned “not deliverable” or “no forwarding address” will be charged a monthly fee of up to $5.00.

Inactive share accounts – no share deposits, no loan activity, no share withdrawals for 60 months or more. Deposits of dividend interest is not considered member activity. Any share account with a balance of less than $50.00 will have an annual fee of $10.00, or an amount up to $10.00 which would close the account, charged against it following the end of each year of inactivity.